Kathy excels in a fresh, inspirational and personal approach to floristry. At Kathy, we offer you unique contemporary and traditional hand-tied bouquets using the finest fresh flowers sourced from Covent Garden.

A next day delivery service gives us time to source the best quality flowers that morning from the market. Combining the ultimate in seasonal cut flowers with fresh foliage, exciting colour combinations and superb presentation our hand-tied bouquets are ready to be placed into a vase without any arranging.


Bouquets and baskets start at £30 including a stylish handmade card and delivery within the Brighton area. We accept all major credit cards.

Wedding Floristry By Donal Casey

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I can come to your home, meet locally in a café or you can visit me by appointment to discuss your ideas and dreams for your wedding day, I understand that many of my clients lead very busy lives and I can tailor my service according to their requirements.

If you are a bit bewildered by the choice of wedding flowers, themes and colours, I can help and guide you, show you my portfolio, magazines and discuss ideas with you at your leisure. After all, one of the most important days of your life deserves a lot of attention and planning.

What's Your Birth Flower? | Birth Month Flowers & Meanings | The ...

I am here at Kathy to help you feel happy and relaxed with your decisions and to translate your ideas into reality.

Donal Casey

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